The “Situm Avernos” is the greatest book on the lands and geographic features of Avernos. Although much of the text is thoroughly outdated and poorly researched, it is an often quoted text and the source of many of the myths and legends that have become popular amoungst learned folk, especially those who prefer the library to the long boat.


This section deals specifically with the various locations in the world of Avernos. Within each section you will find links to locations and areas within the described area.


Avernos represents the greatest extent of the known world. It is populated by numerous races, from the diverse tribes and kingdoms of humanity to the industrious dwarves and scarce Rock Peoples. For the most part, Avernos is a continent at war, as the human kingdom of Bastion and its territories seek to dominate the landscape while pushing back the terrors that spill over the mountain range known as the Jaws from the dark Abyss beyond.

The Wilderlands

The Free Lands

Orc Lands


The Abyss

The Veiled Lands

Giants Wasteland

The Great Pasture

The Pirate States

The Dire Straits


The mythical land of Feoni is said to be inhabited by all manner of Fae creatures, and is often referred to as the birth place of the elves and other fair races.

Magamemnon, The World Dragon

The chain of mysterious islands has frustrated even the best cartographers and most able of sea captains, who have never managed to spy the strange lands more than once. Yet every report has detailed a savage and harsh land inhabited by reptilian creatures and terrible winged drakes.
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