When humans first walked out into the sunlight, blinking and naked, they were ignorant of the part they played in the great order of Avernos. The Creator loved them above all, and blessed them with imagination, passion and hope. Where elves and dwarves might live an age, the children of men would live only briefly, a candle burning brightly, full of vigor, until death and darkness took them. Yet those same qualities by which elves and dwarves may have envied man, so too was man easily turned to corrupting greed and dark lusts. So brother turned on brother, subduing the majority to lift up the greedy few. And in this race for power, man’s heart hardened against the pleas of the other races, and he came to distrust them bitterly, without true cause.

Man was the first to forget where he came from, turning his back on the Creator and deifying himself instead. Knowing no end to his depravations, man laid claim to vast tracts of land, subduing all to his will and pushing elves and dwarves into seclusion in the wildest forests and highest mountain holds.

Yet some remained humble, choosing not to forget where they had come from or to whom they should bow. It was they who stood beside their dwarven and elven allies after the Great Betrayal, and they who fought against the forces of the Abyss. To their order came great blessings. Some gained miraculous powers of healing and rebuking, others fought with heavenly mighty and others were given immeasurable wisdom. Yet, while this was a true sign of the truth to which they held, they were persecuted and outcast from society.

Today the ranks of man are rotten to the core, as lies and corruption spreads, and agents of the Abyss work their wicked ways, undermining the very fabric of society ever further. Soon the forces of the Abyss will strike their mightiest blow, and humanity will be too feeble to stand against the coming tide of darkness.

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