Halfelven share a duel heritage with humans and elves. They are largely spurned by humans, although they may sometimes pass unnoticed amongst human society. Halfelven commonly have pointed ears that are not as lengthy as those of elves. Their eyes tend to share similar shades to elven eyes, but their shape is much more human. Males may have facial hair, though they can seldom grow moustaches. Halfelven have shorter lives than true elves, but maintain the ability to move between the Fey and Material planes while within the Veiled Lands, just like their elven forebears.


The largest population of Halfelven lives within the vine covered walls of the Collage av Magi, on the border of the Fey Waste within Pandathion. Pandathion affords both elves and halfelven none of the rights of its human citizens, heavily restricting movement and encouraging a vast and thriving smugglers network within the town.

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