Of all the creatures that inhabit Avernos, none are as pure and beautiful as the elves. Dwelling within the Veiled Lands, these mysterious beings, with their elegant form, are seldom seen and the subject of a thousand myths and legends.

Long ago, elves, dwarves and men stood side by side in a great alliance, fighting together against the first incursions to sweep down from the Jaws. The brotherhood of the three races was born out of necessity and, more so, an understanding that they were all the servants of the same god. The fighting was terrible, and many fell, but eventually the foe was beaten back to the Abyss. With the armies of men, elf and dwarf gathered in the mountains about the Abyss, a great spell was cast across the void, so that no demon or devil could cross from that land for a hundred years.

As time passed, dwarves and men built great fortresses within the Jaws, while the elves cast wards and healed the scars left on the land by an age of war. In time, man forgot the devastation wrought by the Host of the Abyss and turned his attention to his cities and the conquest of unexplored lands. When the hundred years had passed, the elves came to the kings of men, warning of the failing wards and reminding them of the old alliance. But the kings had already been corrupted by their own greed, and blamed the elves for the failure of the wards, labeling them as collaborators intent on destroying the kingdoms that had grown and thrived since the end of the war. The elves were left with little choice; their wizards cast what wards they could while their soldiers hauled supplies to the dwarves, who still manned the defenses. Then the elves left for their home in the Veiled Lands, throwing up hasty defenses which had been neglected while faith in the Alliance had prevailed.

Since that time the elves have fallen mostly into legend, remembered by humans in the folk-lore and old-wives tales told to children. More often than not, these tales tell of the seduction of the innocent by the malicious elves who steal away loved ones to a forgotten land. Nothing could be further from the truth, as elves are, without exception, benevolent beings with a close connection to the spiritual and natural worlds.

While elves have disappeared from the world of humans, they still play a very important part in Avernos, even today. Small bands of elves hunt demons in the icy crags of the Jaws, while others move about humanity, their features disguised as they watch and wait. Within the Veiled Lands the war continues, both to keep out the imperialism of humanity by guile and deceit, and to protect the last lands of the elves and the gateway to the Fey realm from the agents of the Abyss.

Elves are slender, with long, pointed ears and almond shaped eyes that vary widely in colour. Both male and female elves tend to keep their hair long, but worn in a wide variety of intricate styles. Males have no facial hair. Skin tones vary widely, but like elven hair and eyes, their colour tends to shift subtely with the changing of the seasons and the mood of the elf.

All elves have the ability to shift seamlessly between the material plane and the Fay world, wherever the connection between these two worlds is strongest. Perhaps for this reason or some other, elves are particularly powerful magicians. Their long lives invariably make them knowledgeable scholars without equal.

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