Dwarves were amongst the first races of Avernos, born in the arms of the mountains and tied inexorably to the cords of earth magic. Perhaps it is from these stone monoliths that they inherit their character, for dwarves are—almost without exception—rugged and hardy, slow to change, practical, incorruptible, long lived and stubborn.

While some dwarves live near more accepting human settlements—and there are few—most still cling to their ancestral homes within the mountain ranges of Avernos, which they defend fiercely according to ancient military traditions. Despite alliances that were forsaken centuries ago by men, dwarves still hold the battle line, loyal to a fault. They do so at great cost, as their numbers dwindle ever more rapidly into decline.

Should the dwarven Holds ever fall, and the dwarven line be extinguished, perhaps one of the greatest losses would be the ancient wisdom of dwarven sages. Though kept in mighty tomes and scribed in stone on the ancient walls of their fathers, the sum of dwarven knowledge is boundless, and cannot easily be recorded.

As much as for their knowledge, dwarves are just as renowned for their excellent craftsmanship. The love dwarves hold for fine, pure things, and for a high quality of workmanship, is often confused for greed. Yet a dwarf places much more worth in an object that is well made than an expensive one made carelessly. Perhaps it is the time they devote to their craft, many lives of men, that tempers their taste so.

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