The Bestiarum Vocabulum is one of the few books of human lore not written by human hands, but rather by the great scholar Estriatate, an elven lore master who forsook his elven home to travel the world of Avernos and detail the creatures he found there. While the work is great indeed, it is incomplete, as Estriatate, wishing to finish his work travelled into the Abyss with a company of his disciples and disappeared forever. What he left behind was a richly detailed collection of texts and illustrations describing some of the rarest creatures of Avernos, as well as a sobering collection of facts once believed to be myth.

Avernos is home to a huge variety of creatures and beings, from the populous humans to the distant and secretive elves, or simple animals like goats and the aurochs to mythical creatures of great power such as dragons. This section gives an overview of creatures you may find in Avernos, while each section of geography lists creatures and beings native to those parts.

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